'Breaking Bad' Characters Ranked From Least to Most Evil: Where Does Walt Finish?

With only one episode left of Breaking Bad , it's time to get nostalgic. And, over the past five-and-a-half seasons, we've seen plenty of Bryan Cranston's Walter White dark side — but compared to some of Breaking Bad's other baddies, he's practically a saint. Let's take a look back at the characters we've grown to love or, in many more cases, hate their guts, from innocents like Holly and Brock to the worst of the worst. So who's the most evil character on Breaking Bad? Image: AMC

by Rachel Simon

26. Flynn and Holly White, Brock Cantillo, and Drew Sharp

These poor, poor kids. They did nothing to deserve the horrors brought upon them. Drew Sharp was murdered for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Brock got poisoned and lost his mother, and Walt Jr. and Holly suffered every type of family drama imaginable. They’re the innocent victims of the drug trade, and the only completely pure characters on the show. Image: AMC

25. Gretchen and Elliot Schwartz

The co-owners of Grey Matter and former White best friends may be denying Walt’s involvement in their business now, but for good reason. They were nothing but kind to the man, offering to pay for his cancer treatment. Some things may have transpired between the the ex-friends in the past, but as far as viewers know, the Schwartzes are just a pair of generous billionaires who don’t want to be associated with a meth kingpin. Image: AMC

24. Steven Gomez

Gomie was Hank’s best friend, and we’re still smarting over his untimely death. He may not have had a ton of character development over the course of five seasons, but he was loyal and reliable. Why’d you have to go, Gomie? Image: AMC

23. Andrea Cantillo

Poor Andrea. A former drug addict, she managed to get her life together. She was a single mom who loved her son, almost losing him to Walt’s poisoning. She helped Jesse avoid relapse and showed him his potential as a father. What a tragedy to see her senselessly murdered. Image: AMC

22. Hank Schrader

Who would’ve guessed that Hank would turn out to be the show’s true hero? The D.E.A agent’s obsession with Heisenberg paid off, as he does manage to arrest his brother-in-law. Unfortunately, he dies a few minutes later. R.I.P., ASAC Schrader. Image: AMC

21. Marie Schrader

Marie may be a bit pretentious, and have an odd fascination with the color purple, but she has the best intentions. Sure, she’s had her bouts of kleptomania, but she’s a devoted wife, sister, and aunt who would do anything for her family. Image: AMC

20. Jesse Pinkman

Oh, Jesse. He’s the meth dealer with a heart of gold, and a beloved fan favorite. It’s easy to forget that he’s cooked meth, killed Gale, and done a ton of other not-so-great things, because he’s just so darn lovable. We’re pulling for you, Jesse! Image: AMC

19. Skyler White

Skyler is one of the most complex characters on the show, and so she’s hard to categorize. She’s been manipulated and threatened by Walt, but she also hasn’t taken advantage of opportunities to leave. Image: AMC

18. Jane Margolis

We hated Jane for causing Jesse so much pain, but otherwise, she wasn’t so bad. She had her issues with drugs and threatened to blackmail Walt, but she cared deeply for Jesse and certainly did not deserve to choke on oatmeal and Mylanta. Image: AMC

17. Badger/Skinny Pete

Badger and Skinny Pete are drug dealers, but they’re also Jesse’s closest friends. Plus, they also have some cool skills — Badger is a Star Trek aficionado, and Skinny Pete is a talented piano player. Image: AMC

16. Gale Boetticher

A self-described nerd, Gale was the chemist hired by Gus to replace Walt. Anyone who participates in the meth business isn’t too sympathetic, but Gale, intelligent, cultured, and kind, was as good as they got. Image: AMC

15. Saul Goodman

Saul may be a sleazeball, but he’s not actually a terrible guy. He’s a bit too friendly with drug dealers, but hates the idea of murder (though, he did suggest sending one or two of Walt’s associates to Belize). Anyone who has a soft spot for Jesse can’t be too bad in our book. Image: AMC

14. Ted Beneke

Skyler’s old boss committed his share of crimes, but at least they were in the normal civilian range: tax fraud and an affair with Skyler. Image: AMC

13. Tortuga

The D.E.A. informant was probably a pretty bad person, but we give him some leeway for having his head cut off and placed on a tortoise. Image: AMC

12. Mike Ehrmantraut

Oh, Mike, how we miss you so. The PI/hit man/cleaner/etc. was far from innocent, but he was managed to become one of the most beloved characters on the series. He loved his granddaughter dearly, and we’re heartbroken by the thought that his unnecessary death prevented little Kayleigh from getting her inheritance. Image: AMC

11. Victor

Gus’ henchman Victor was incredibly loyal to his boss, guarding the meth lab and monitoring Walt and Jesse’s conversations whenever Gus asked. He’s not solely evil — he attempts to stop Jesse from killing Gale, and doesn’t murder Walt even though Gus asked — but he’s certainly not a good guy. Image: AMC

10. Krazy-8 Molina

Back in season one, Krazy-8, a meth dealer and D.E.A informant, attempted to kill Walt, leading him to be imprisoned in Jesse’s basement while Walt debated whether or not to kill him. For awhile, Krazy-8 appeared to be a good guy underneath his tough exterior, but soon proved that it was all just a ruse to get Walt to free him. After Walt realized that Krazy-8 was planning to stab him with a piece of glass, he was forced to strangle him to death. Image: AMC

9. Huell Babineaux

Huell may not be the smartest character on the show, but that doesn’t stop him from committing all the crimes Saul’s too scared to do himself. He poisoned Brock at Walt’s request, intimidated Ted (which led him straight to the hospital), and gives up Walt and Saul to the D.E.A as soon as his own life is threatened. Image: AMC

8. Lydia Rodarte-Quayle

The Madrigal executive may come off as nervous and uptight, but she’s no stranger to crime. She’s incredibly self-serving, and while she doesn’t like to get bloody herself, she has no problem paying Mike and Jack to do her dirty work for her. Image: AMC

7. Walter White

It can be argued that Walt deserves a worse spot on this list, but we feel that he has just enough humanity left to warrant this ranking. He’s done many horrific things over the course of five seasons, but as the last few weeks’ episodes have shown, there’s still a trace of Walter White, family man, left inside of the Heisenberg monster. Image: AMC

6. Gus Fring

The (literally) two-faced man doubled as a D.E.A.-loving restaurant owner and a murderous meth dealer. In one of the series’ most disturbing moments, Gus emotionlessly slit the throat of his loyal second-in-command, Victor, in front of Walt and Jesse, just to prove a point. Image: AMC

5. The Cousins

The Salamanca Cousins were hitmen who enjoyed killing their victims in creative ways — remember Tortuga’s decapitation-by-machete? To be fair, their evilness has a root; when they were kids, their uncle’s way of punishing them was to drown one of the brothers until the other fought him into stopping. Childhood with Hector doesn’t sound too fun. Image: AMC

4. Hector Salamanca

Hector may have been a truly evil character, but we really do miss him — no other character can act so well purely with his eyebrows. The mute former drug kingpin communicated solely by ringing a bell, but that didn’t stop him from committing major atrocities.

3. Todd Alquist

Todd may have started out as just a run-of-the-mill criminal, frequently committing burglary with his Vamonos crew, but quickly, he reveals that he’s capable of much, much more. He kills a kid without remorse, takes pride in his serial killer uncle Jack, and only keeps Jesse alive so he can be enslaved and tortured. Landry, what happened? Image: AMC

2. Tuco Salamanca

It’s easy to forget about Tuco now, but back in Seasons 1 and 2, he was a major antagonist for Walt and Jesse. The drug kingpin was a sociopath who used violence as intimidation and only worked to save himself. He may have been killed by Hank, but but his death was a main cause of the D.E.A Agent’s battle with PTSD, so we hate him even more.

1. Jack Welker

Jack Welker, Todd’s uncle and a Neo-Nazi, is hands-down the most evil character on the show. He’s a cold-blooded assassin who has no problem staging multiple murders at once as long as he gets his money. He kills Hank, takes Walt’s money, and enslaves Jesse — just because he can. Hit the road, Jack. Image :AMC