The Cast of 'The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2' is Proof That Emotional Baggage Always Makes Great TV

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Battle of the Exes is one of the best team concepts The Challenge has in its arsenal. In an ideal world, as it was with the original Battle of the Exes, the Challenge cast serves up matchups like Camila and Johnny Bananas or Ty and Emily who alternate between loving each other, hating each other, trying to murder the other with a wicker chair, and "killing it" in challenges. For exes, the emotional hangups from their pasts are just as important as seeing who can bodily apply the most honey to their partner and walk across a tight rope or whatever.

Battle of the Exes II exists in a less than ideal world, though; the sobering fact that two competing cast members have passed away since the show's filming — and that both Diem and Knight are involved in Ex pairs that have real feelings involved — is sure to bring a whole new emotional element to to Battle of the Exes II. But... MTV has also lined up some truly absurd couples to ensure that this is a season worth watching for Challenge reasons (someone will punch his or her hand through a mirror, shotgun four beers, and then run a mini-triathalon the next day that ends in a polar bear plunge/spelling-bee hybrid) and sentimental reasons (honoring Diem and Knight's legacy). But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's meet the Exes (or at least let's meet whatever details they put in their MTV bios), and recall their varying degrees of Ex-dom according to actual memory...

Image: MTV

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