'Hindsight' Star Craig Horner Is Your New Crush


I don’t know where all these Australian actors are coming from, but I am definitely not complaining because if nothing else, I will be watching Hindsight for the pure enjoyment I get from looking at character Sean’s face. Who is actor Craig Horner though? If you’re not from Australia, chances are you may not know him, but he’s been in quite a few shows over there, and a few in America as well. While you watch the premiere of Hindsight on VH1 on Wednesday night, feel free to creep on his past roles or just pictures of him. Don’t worry, I’m not judging.

Let’s talk about Sean, who Horner plays on the new scripted series. Sean is the main character Becca’s first husband. In the series' pilot, Becca is about to marry her second husband and then passes out in an elevator and wakes up in 1995 on the day of her wedding to Sean. Knowing that if she marries Sean, it would one day lead to a divorce and to the falling out of her and her best friend, Becca decides not to go through with it and goes all Julia Roberts on Sean. But he will continue to be on the series after Becca bails and tries to figure out what to do next.

Now back to the beautiful person that is Horner and where you may have seen him.

Legend of The Seeker

In the American TV series Legend of the Seeker, Horner plays Richard Cypher, who's father dies, leaving him to go on a search for answers. Honestly, the trailer was really uninformative, but Sam Raimi is one of the executive producers so it’s probably a decent show. Raimi is known for directing all the Tobey McGuire Spiderman movies and Evil Dead.

Blue Water High

Blue Water High is a series about seven surfers who live and train in a facility attached to a high school. It’s an Australian series that aired for three seasons. Horner only appeared in the final stretch of the show, but you can watch the entire series on YouTube now.


Cybergirl is another Australian show that aired in 2001-2002 for 26 episodes, all of which Horner starred in. It’s about a robot alien girl and a normal teenage boy, but it’s bad — and not in a so-bad-it's-good way. The trailer above speaks for itself, but it kind of looks like it was made in the early '90s, which is confusing.

H2O: Just Add Water

Now this is the best worst show I have ever seen. It’s about three average girls who find a cave and get turned into mermaids, because of course that’s what happens. Horner comes around in the second season and is the love interest to one of the main girls, Emma. I am pretty sure that if I was an Australian 12-year-old, I would be obsessed with it.


Forget acting, I found this gem of Horner singing and he never needs to act again. He just needs to play that guitar and say random words and I would be OK with that… Maybe if we're lucky, he'll break out the guitar this season on Hindsight.