If Celebrities Were Winter Storms, Zac Efron’s Would Boost the Temperature to 80 Degrees

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With titles like Bozeman, Frona, and Gorgon, every year the winter storm names sound more like fantasy villains than climatic events. Plus, you can't use the same name twice and the names must go in alphabetical order. So whether the year's theme is Greek mythology or Roman Gods, every year when the storms get their titles, the names have to get progressively more obscure. Perhaps, next year, it would behoove the meteorologists to name winter storms after celebrities. Just a suggestion, guys.

I mean, winter storm Zac Efron sounds far less menacing than winter storm Quantum, right? Because climatic events have personalities just like humans, let's imagine what the blizzards and flurries named after your favorite actors and actresses would look like.

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