Harry Styles Was the Most Adorable Baby Ever

There are two things in this world that are cuter than One Direction's Harry Styles: Harry Styles holding a baby and Harry Styles as a baby. It's hard to imagine that Styles could've possibly been more adorable as a child than he is today, but it actually happened. His cheeks were perfectly pinchable as a toddler, and he somehow managed to bypass the awkward, ugly preteen phase and head straight for eighth grade hottie status. He may as well have been an Abercrombie Kids model. Don't believe me? These 13 pictures of Harry Styles in his younger years will do all the convincing for me.

Warning: While looking at these photos, you will probably have a lot of feelings. These feelings include but are not limited to extreme warm and fuzzies, feeling large amounts of regret that you and tiny Harry never shared a sandbox, and an overwhelming sense of pride for this beautiful stranger who was once an innocent and precocious child who had no idea he'd grow up to be part of one of the biggest boy bands in the world.

Ready? Grab a box of tissues and maybe some emergency chocolate for emotional eating and let's get started traveling through time.

Those eyes, right? It's ridiculous how much Styles as a tot looks like Styles now. Is that a Transformer in his hand I see?

In case you were unaware, Styles is the dalmatian perched adorably on the floor. This photo inspires a need deep within my soul to A.) buy a dalmatian and raise it as my own and B.) see more of Styles' past Halloween pictures, because this is just too cute.

If Styles and I were in the same second grade class, I'd totally chase him around the playground with that face.

Good lord, that's a good looking preteen. He totally could've been an Abercrombie kids model.

That wink. That goofy smile. It's the same as the goofy smile he still has today, except it's gone from super cute to super sexy.

Have you ever seen anyone pull off braces so flawlessly? You never have, and you never will again.

I want this blown up to poster size so I can frame it and hang it on my wall.

Again with the eyes. I can't deal.

Here's Harry, styling at what I assume is a Disney waterpark, judging by the fact that he's wearing pirate Goofy ears. There's something so cute about the fact that he's wearing a speedo. It's so European.

Look at this picture and try not to smile at your computer screen like an idiot. I dare you.

Who is that little girl, and how do I get that lucky?

Guaranteed more attractive than any boy at my middle school in the early 2000s.

And finally, the most precious collage in the world. He is working those glasses.