More Trouble For Wet Seal

Welp, looks like even more trouble for one of your favorite retailers of yesteryear. Following rumors that Wet Seal might be going the way of Delia*s sometime soon comes an even more troubling piece of news — Wet Seal employees have posted an angry sign calling for a boycott of the store, citing poor treatment and sudden firing of dedicated workers. Yikes!

According to Business Insider, the signs (photos of which were originally posted on Reddit) came from a Seattle location of the mall chain and protested the recent firings of three store managers and five sales associates. They also included a litany of other complaints, including missed paychecks, unpaid sick days, unused vacation time, and an alleged $95,000 raise for the CFO despite the company's financial struggles. The employee gripes were accompanied by the hashtags #BoycottWetSeal and #ForgetWetSeal.

Retail workers are often treated horrendously by corporations and it's good to see some of them speaking out against terrible working conditions. So far Wet Seal has been silent on the matter, but hopefully they'll respond with something resembling an apology. This certainly doesn't look great for an already struggling brand, especially if customers participate in a (well-deserved) boycott.

Image: wetseal/Instagram