Sugar Makes You Hyper, and 6 More Food Lies Everyone Accepts As Fact

"Sugar makes you hyper." "Oranges have the most Vitamin C of any food." Chances are, you've probably heard this or said one of these two lines yourself at some point in your life. But what if they weren't actually true? There are many food myths that we just accept as fact, but the truth is starting to come to light. These two statements at the top? You guessed it — they're actually false.

It's not a big surprise that there are a lot of falsehoods about food floating around out there, since nutrition isn't a core school subject or something most people really know that much about. In fact, it wasn't until the Organic Food Movement that our culture at large questioned the information that we were being given about our food and its effect on our bodies. Regardless, we don't probably really know that much about what we're eating (scary, right?).

Let's change that! Do you want to learn the truth about these myths, as well as other pieces of misinformation about food that you've probably heard at one point or another? Check out this video from BuzzFeed that features five additional myths about food that you probably accept as fact.