Who Is Amy Adams’ Fiance? Darren Le Gallo is a Very Talented Man Himself

There are undoubtedly some in-your-face, high-profile relationships in Hollywood. Whether it's the particular couple's fault that they're always in the news is debatable, but there they are, making news nonetheless. Then, on the flip side, there are other celebrity duos who graciously go under the radar. If you live that sort of fishbowl life, you probably hope your relationship skews towards the latter, as is the case with Golden Globe nominee, Amy Adams and her fiancé, Darren Le Gallo. In fact, I bet you didn't even know Adams was in a relationship at all, did you? That sly fox.

There's something more intriguing about the couples who keep things low-key. Perhaps because they seem more "normal" and down-to-earth in their stab at anonymity or simply because keeping a relationship quiet is enough to get our nosy minds wondering. Not that Adams has ever denied her love for her fiancé, or kept it under lock and key, she's just not traipsing around town, shouting it from the top of Runyon Canyon, either. In Adams' situation, it probably helps that Le Gallo isn't ultra famous like she is. But just because he isn't covering GQ, doesn't mean he isn't doing noteworthy work.

Here are some facts about Darren Le Gallo so you can get to know him yourself:

He's an Actor

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In fact, Le Gallo was in Trouble with the Curve , in which Adams starred. He played a nurse.

He's a Father

Adams and Le Gallo have a four-year-old daughter named Aviana.

He Met Adams in an Acting Class

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

According to People, Le Gallo and Adams began dating in 2002 after meeting in an acting class. They got engaged in 2008, and as of 2013 had no immediately plans to get married. Adams told Vanity Fair in December 2013, "I'm not pregnant. I'm not getting married anytime soon ... We both have a very specific idea that we want to do this [the ceremony] in spring or fall, like in those months, but every time I'm busy working. I want something very family oriented and laid-back."

He's an Artist

Le Gallo shares some of his incredible work on his social media accounts. He has a website as well, but it's currently under construction.

He's a Writer Too

The artist/actor is also working on a graphic novel!

So, there you have it. Amy Adams' fiance is one cool dude.

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