A Fireworks Factory Exploded in Columbia and The Footage Is Insanely Intense — VIDEO

A small town in Columbia experienced a spectacular, albeit clearly dangerous, fireworks display to ring in the new year: a massive explosion at a fireworks factory. Dramatic video from Sunday morning reveals the chaotic aftermath as hundreds of colorful fireworks erupt from the factory, located in in the town of Granada, near Colombia's capital of Bogotá. The explosion was powerful enough to knock the cameraman, identified as photojournalist Carlos Espinoza of Noticias Caracol, right off his feet; viewers of the video can see him jerked backward onto the ground before fleeing for cover, along with a number of other people.

According to The Telegraph, five warehouses storing gunpowder were destroyed in the blast and the ensuing fire, in addition to the factory itself. Fire trucks from nearby towns were called to put out the blaze, and the highway closed in both directions, causing major delays throughout the region. The Independent reports that it took 30 firefighters more than six hours to bring the fire under control. A number of homes were damaged, and at least two people were injured, including a driver who happened to be passing during the explosion. Thankfully, these injuries do not appear to be serious. Local authorities have begun to investigate the cause of the blast, although it does appear that the factory was properly licensed.