You'll Identify With Anne's New Year's Resolution

Oh, those lovable stars... They never cease to be just like us! Case in point, Anne Hathaway's New Year's Resolution is to give up drinking for a while, or, ya know, at least for January. Does this sound like the pledge you made to yourself after going too hard on Dec. 31? Yep, just about!

In an interview published on Tuesday in T Magazine, Hathaway sat down for a Q&A with journalist Taffy Brodesser-Akner. In the interview, the Interstellar actress gives Neil Patrick Harris some sound Oscar-hosting advice, reveals her opinions on vaping ("I don't judge the vape."), and opens up about her self-improvement goals for 2015. When Brodesser-Akner asks Hathaway her New Year's Resolutions, Hathaway answers, with trepidation, that her primary goal is to take a break from booze. Honey, I've been there. She says,

I have one, but I don’t want to mention it because it’s scaring me. And it has nothing to do with pregnancy. But it’s not because of a problem. It’s just because why not: I’m going to really prioritize my health this year and not drink, at least not in January. I want to take a month off.

Not gonna lie, I made the same promise about four days ago when I woke up on my friend's couch still clad in my sequin NYE clothes, with a pounding migraine and a piece of gum in my mouth I didn't remember asking for. This may mean that Hathaway likes to get a little sloppy, pay for it the next day, then swear off drinking for a while, just like you and I.

In all seriousness though, Hathaway's dry January goal makes me identify with her a little more. I've been known to imbibe heavily in my day, but every now and then I take about a month or so break from drinking to detox a little. It has nothing to do with alcohol dependency or anything else; it's just nice to have a bit of distance from the sauce. As Hathaway says, it's always a bit of a scary thing to commit to. Alcohol is, after all, the cornerstone of adult social life. But whenever I've done it, I feel much healthier, my memory is better, and my wit is quicker. Hey, I mean, why not? Experimenting with your lifestyle choices can teach you more about yourself and the way you relate to the world. Anne gets me!

Image: College Candy