Free Coffee? Yes Please!

There are few words more beautiful in the English language than “free coffee,” so here — have some excellent news: Dunkin’ Donuts is dishing out free coffee on Mondays between now and January 19. Did I just make your Mondays better for the next few weeks or what?

There are, however, a few catches: First, the promo only entitles you to one free medium hot or cold coffee of any flavor per day — so no going back for refills, and no fancy-schmancy Sugar Cookie Lattes or whatever. Second, and perhaps most importantly, I haven’t been able to discern whether or not the promo is a nationwide thing, or only in select markets. According to Iowa’s Des Moines Register, it’s available in the Des Moines metro area; the Omaha World-Herald noted that it’s also happening in all Nebraska Dunkin’ locations; and the Wichita Eagle remarked that it would be available in Kansas, as well. If you live in one of those areas, congratulations! Enjoy your free coffee! As for everyone else… well, it can’t hurt to ask next time you take a trip to your local Dunkin’ Donuts location, right?

But hey, guess what? Dunkin’ also isn’t the only coffee-serving chain around that has a free java promo in effect right now. According to the Washington Post, McDonald’s locations in the DC region will also be offering free small iced or hot coffees on Mondays during the breakfast hours — and not just for January, but for the entire year. Participating locations include not only DC Metro Area McDonald’s, but also a bunch in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia; for the curious, WUS 9 has the complete list of participating counties.

And lastly, if you managed to snag a special version of Starbucks’ Made Greener coffee refill tumbler, you can bring it into any participating Starbucks at any time during the month of January and get a free Grande coffee. The specific tumbler is, alas, sold out online; you might still be able to get it in stores, though, so check out your favorite ‘Bux location to see if they still have them. Starbucks Melody has a pretty comprehensive FAQ about how the promo works, so click through for more.

Let’s also take this moment to remind ourselves, though, that it’s super easy to brew excellent coffee at home; additionally, if you have a craving for a specialty drink and don’t feel like shelling out the extra cash for one, there are plenty that you can mix up right in your own kitchen. Here’s a little inspiration, in case you need it. Drink up!

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