Meet Blade the Tortoise & His Lego Wheelchair

Blade is a tiny tortoise in Germany who, due to an unfortunate growth disorder, was unable to support his bodyweight with his legs. When his owner, Iris Peste, noticed that he was having mobility issues, she sought help. Enter superhero veterinarian Dr. Carsten Plischke, who raided his own son’s Lego collection in order to construct a tiny wheelchair for the struggling tortoise. The vet used Legos to attach small wheels to Blade’s underside, so the that tortoise can push himself around without having to support his own weight. The Lego appliance is both effective and temporary; as The Daily Mail reports, Blade is expected to eventually regain full use of his legs, at which time the Legos can be removed.

The video below shows Blade and his wheelchair in action, and features an interview (in German) with Dr. Plischke, who masterminded this whole delightful enterprise. I do not speak German (I’ve been to Germany once, and the only thing I learned to say was, “I would like a glass of white wine, please” because I have priorities), but I imagine that this vet is saying something along the lines of “I have made it my life’s mission to help adorable small creatures gain mobility by attaching them to equally adorable children’s toys. Next up, a pony with a bum leg who learns to walk via a clever combination of Lincoln Logs and Beanie Babies!” If only.