Japan Does It Again: Introducing Wine For Cats

Ever find yourself celebrating the holidays with your friends, family, and felines only to get an overwhelming feeling of sadness because your cats can’t fully partake in the festivities? Well your cat is now one step closer to fully partaking in and/or usurping your social life — thanks to the masterminds at Japan’s B&H Lifes, Nyan Nyan Nouveau cat wine is now a thing. Yes, you read that right — there is now a wine specifically for your cat, so that they can smugly swill their cat tipple while plotting their escape from your apartment and subsequent world domination.

B&H Lifes uses the term wine generously; after all we all know that it’s cruel to force animals to ingest any mind-altering substances. This cat booze is actually made of juice from Cabernet grapes, Vitamin C, and catnip…which apparently adds up to cat wine. Or at least B&H Lifes claims that it tastes like red wine…just go with it. The product is called Nyan Nyan Nouveau, with Nyan Nyan translating to “meow meow” in English.

Apparently, this cat wine was inspired by the success of the company’s Wan Wan Beer, or woof woof beer, for dogs, as well as requests from customers for asking for something that their cat can drink in order to celebrate special occasions with the family. Because, you know, what’s the point of a birthday if you cat can’t even drink with you?

At only four dollars a pop, it’s a good investment for lonely cat owners. As TIME points out, “you never have to drink alone again, because now you can drink with your cats.” There is one caveat, however…it seems at though cats don’t want to touch the stuff. Pet stores are having trouble unloading the miniature bottles of cat wine, and according to RocketNews24, one store has even taken to posting a disclaimer about the product, reading:

90 percent of cats won’t drink this.

Wine for cats, Nyan Nyan Nouvaeu

To be completely honest, most cats won’t drink this.

But this product was made specifically for people who said ‘[My cat] won’t drink it, but I want to give it to them anyway!’

Maybe they’ll drink it…

So it looks as though wine for cats might be more fun for owners than pets. Not that B&H Lifes is too worried; they only produced 1000 bottles. If you are still itching to get your hands on the wine, be weary of stocking up. Unlike other fine wines, Nyan Nyan Nouveau will expire within a year.

Now excuse me while I go order myself a case…

Image: Fotolia, Giphy (2)