How Long Will Bob McDonnell Serve In Prison For Taking Bribes? He's Just Been Sentenced

The former governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell, was sentenced to two years in federal prison, far less time than the 10 years for which the prosecutors were pushing. McDonnell, who was convicted in September on 11 corruption charges, accepted bribes from Star Scientific Inc. to promote the company's dietary supplement.

McDonnell and his wife were convicted for accepting several gifts, shopping trips, and vacations worth about $177,000 from the company. The company's former CEO, Jonnie Williams, testified against McDonnell during the six-week trial. McDonnell's wife, who was convicted of eight counts, will be sentenced Feb. 20.

In a statement outside the courthouse, McDonnell thanked the judge for mercy, but said he disagreed with the verdict that was rendered by the jury and would file an appeal. Addressing a crowd, he said:

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

According to Larry O'Dell and Alan Suderman of the Associated Press, McDonnell is the 12th governor in the nation to be convicted on corruption charges. The Republican was elected as Virginia's 71st governor in 2009 using the slogan "Bob for Jobs" and served for four years. He was indicted 10 days after leaving office.

When criminal charges were filed in January 2014, the former governor released a statement in which he said:

McDonnell must report to prison by Feb. 9.