9 Movies to See This January in Theatres, From 'Selma' to 'Cake'

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I don't celebrate any of the winter Judeo-Christian holidays, and I've mostly gotten over feeling left out of all the merriment. Especially because my birthday is the first week of January and the best birthday gift I could ever ask for is the deluge of great movies that comes at the end of December and throughout January. Even though I'm just your average, pretty broke twenty-something, I will always, always drop dollars on a movie ticket.

A lot of people are of the opinion that January is the worst month of the year, and though there's no hard evidence proving otherwise, you can escape the new year blues with the MAGIC OF MOVIES! There are a lot of options this January, some late contenders to the Oscars race, some that look so bad they're good, and a few independent films that are already getting some buzz. In an ideal world you'd be able to see them all, but if you can't afford to spend endless amounts of money on a movie ticket, at least choose a few of these eleven worth watching.

Image: Paramount Pictures

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