12 Things Every Person Thinks When They Turn 25

by Jennifer Valdez

I just turned 25 last week — a milestone I didn't take lightly. Hitting the half-way mark to 50 definitely comes with a roller coaster of emotions. If you're anything like me, celebrating your 25th birthday has a certain weight to it, sort of like your Sweet Sixteen, or turning the Big 21, except now there are rules involved that you never had to worry about before, not to mention a ton of pressure surrounding what you'll actually do to mark this big occasion. I mean, I was definitely excited that it was my 25th birthday because, duh, birthdays are amazing and this is a big one — but I didn't want to come off as being overly excited to the point where I felt the need to remind everyone every two minutes that it's my big day. And while I wanted to have at least some sort of celebration, I didn't want to be involved in much of the planning. Maybe Beyonce and Jay-Z won't show up to my party like they did to Taylor Swift's 25th birthday bash, but it should still feel like Beyonce and Jay would at least want to be there.

As much fun as it is celebrating 25 years of life, it's also pretty stressful. Anyone who has passed this milestone already can probably relate — and if you're not there yet, then this is what you have to look forward to. Here are 12 things every person thinks when they turn 25, as told by Friends gifs. Because if anyone has taught us what it means to grow up as adults, it's these guys.

1. The world is at my fingertips

Woohoo I’m 25 and it’s a great day to be alive! I feel young and vibrant and beautiful! I can take on the world!

2. Be sophisticated & play it cool

I’m a serious grownup now, so I’m not going to go around bragging about my birthday like I'm five years old. I’m just going to play it cool... but hopefully my boss knows it’s my birthday, because then maybe I can leave work early.

3. I've accomplished so much!

I consider all of my accomplishments thus far and feel pretty good about where I’m at in life. I live in New York City! I'll be getting my master's degree in a few months! I'm in a healthy relationship! Life is good!

4. But also, what am I really doing with my life?

I consider all of my accomplishments thus far and question what the heck I’ve been doing with my life. I haven't held a full-time job in over a year. My parents pay my cell phone bill, and all my close friends are married. Life is annoying.

5. It's OK — I'm still young

All of my older friends are talking about how young I am and how I should live it up this year. They're right — I have so much to look forward to.

6. Except oh my gosh, I'm so old

All my younger friends are cracking old jokes about how I’m “a quarter of a century old.” They're right — it's all downhill from here.

7. Why am I not married?

Not that I mind — being on my own is fun! It's empowering! But is it too late to make one of those if-we're-both-not-married-by-the-time-we're-30 pacts?

8. Am I too old for birthday freebies?

Note to self: go to Starbucks today for my free cup of coffee, then Ben & Jerry’s for my scoop of ice cream, and don’t forget to stop by Sephora for my Beauty Insider gift. Is it too late to sign up for birthday perks at Aveda?

9. Red lipstick or anti-aging cream?

OK so I'm at Sephora with my Beauty Insider points, and I can either get a bright red lipstick, or an anti-aging facial mask. The lipstick looks fierce and I could totally rock it! But who am I kidding? Give me the cream!

10. Do people even remember it's my birthday?

The girl I haven’t talked to since high school and the boy I didn’t think noticed me in college have both wished me a happy birthday, which makes me feel super special. But wait, one of my best friends from out of state has yet to say anything. What? You turn 25 and everyone forgets about you?

11. Well, at least the important people remember

Finally, I get that special voicemail from a close friend who says the world is a better place because I was born, and the universe feels right again.

12. It's going to be a great year

It’s a few minutes past midnight, I’ve got my anti-aging cream on, and it's time to go to bed because let’s honest, I’m exhausted. But I'm also beyond excited. It’s going to be a great year, because I’m only a quarter of a century old.

Images: kurt-b/Flickr; Giphy (12)