When Do 'American Idol' Live Shows Start in 2015? Some Major Changes Are Coming Down the Line

Who will win the American Idol crown in 2015 and be the next major music star? The live shows for Idol Season 14 start in February and it will be more crucial than ever that fans pick up a phone and call in some votes. Last season during lives, Idol came up with endless ways to vote including call, text, Facebook and other apps, so that there were no excuses — and still the ratings plummeted. This year, things need to change, or else.

It's about time Idol found someone worthy of following in Kelly Clarkson's footsteps because the show has taken a serious hit over the last few seasons. When the charming and unapologetically blunt Simon Cowell left the Idol judges panel, I didn't think the show had any chance of surviving. And yet the Jan. 7 premiere will mark Idol's fourteenth season.

Because the ratings have been so low, Fox had no choice but to make some major changes for Season 14. Idol lost sponsors (bye, Coke cups) and even more familiar faces so that host Ryan Seacrest is the only thing that's stayed consistent throughout the entire series. It's hard to say whether the changes will lead to the competition's demise or if it will help in the long run, but they were inevitable.

Needless to say, American Idol was the reality-TV competition that started them all and has been the longest-running and most highly anticipated show for 14 years. It's hard to let it go knowing that it once brought us superstars like Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, and Phillip Phillips. When Idol gets to its 2015 live shows in February, there will be plenty of fans out there who are still hoping the show will come back to its former glory even with these major changes.

Goodbye Randy Jackson, Hello Scott Borchetta

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After the "dawg" decided not to return as a mentor for Season 14, Idol hired the chief of Big Machine record label. Scott Borchetta is responsible for Taylor Swift's career, since he signed her when she was 14. This will be Randy's first absence since the show's initiation, but Scott is a talented guy with an impressive musical background so he could be a crucial asset to the season.

The Live Top 10 Episodes Will Only Air Once a Week

Once the brand new Idol hopefuls make it it to the Top 10, the star-studded singing competition will only air one night a week — removing elimination night from its traditional format. Like this past season of Dancing With the Stars, Idol will eliminate one contestant on the same night as the live performances based on the votes from the previous week.

Coca-Cola is Down For the Count

Ever notice the red cups the judges always have in front of them? For 13 years, Coca-Cola has been a major sponsor for the show, providing those cups, but they're officially out. The company has ended their sponsorship with Idol, which could be a major hindrance to the show's success.

We Already Know The Top 24

Thanks to YouTube, the Season 14 contestants have already been shown before the auditions have even begun. The show's official YouTube channel released a teaser that completely revealed who advanced past the auditions as well as Hollywood Week. Which doesn't sound like a great advertising tactic, but it happens.

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