What Would Happen if Nicole & Jimmy Actually Dated

Sometimes we wonder what would happen if certain celebrity couples never broke up, but what about matching up a surprising star duo and imagining what their life could have been? On The Tonight Show on Tuesday night, Nicole Kidman revealed she and Jimmy Fallon could have dated if he didn't mess up their "first date" so badly. However, as he recalls, he had no idea it was a date — he thought it was a business meeting for Bewitched at his apartment. Apparently Fallon barely said a thing and put on a video game during their hour together, so Kidman left, assuming that there was no chemistry or that "maybe he's gay."

With this reveal more than a decade after the fact, I can't help but imagine how Fallon and Kidman's relationship would have played out. They're both happily married with kids now, so no disrespect to Keith Urban or Nancy Juvonen, but would they have costarred in a bunch of films? Perhaps double-dated with could-have-been-couple John Stamos and Amy Poehler? The possibilities are endless. Take a walk down fake memory lane with an imagined timeline of Fallon and Kidman's relationship — or Jacole, as their couple name would be — after the interview below.

2004: Meet-Cute & Filming Bewitched

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Sorry, Will Ferrell, but maybe Fallon would have been a better fit for the role of Jack. I'm not saying the movie would have been a smash hit, but with this couple's chemistry onscreen, they wouldn't get a razzie for "worst couple."

2005: Red Carpet Debut at the MTV Movie Awards

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Fallon hosted the MTV Movie Awards for the third time in 2005, and it seems like the perfect time for them to make an adorable red-carpet debut. Plus, that would have happened on June 4, with the premiere of Bewitched later that month. Imagine all of the adorable interviews they'd do together.

2006 & 2007: Engagement & Wedding

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Both Fallon and Kidman got engaged and married to their real-life partners within two years, so I imagine they would have gotten engaged in 2006 and married in 2007. It would be in Sydney, because he would want her to have her dream wedding.

2008: Releasing a Surprise Album Together

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The couple is very musical — Kidman even released music on her own before Moulin Rouge! — and Fallon is a great writer. As a follow-up to his 2002 album The Bathroom Wall, they could go acoustic and create the most adorable music together. Perhaps a small tour to follow.

2009: Kidman Hosts SNL

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Although Kidman has only hosted SNL once, in 1993, she could have popped back in around the time Nine came out and brought Fallon along to help in some sketches. This would be before Fallon returned to host twice in 2011 and 2013.

2010: Welcoming Their First Child

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Kidman and Fallon also both have children via surrogacy, so that would be the case with their fake kids as well. This would have happened about a year into Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, so a little hectic, but worth it. She would have a sweet, unique name, like Noelle.

2012: Another Movie Together & A Second Child

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I can imagine Fallon penning a movie for them to star in together, or a project falling into their laps that was perfect. And after the craziness of that, maybe a second child — another daughter, because they both have all girls. This one would have a more surprising name, like Beatrice.

2014: The Tonight Show First Guest

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Instead of Will Smith, Kidman would have been Fallon's first official guest. She'd be on both of his shows a lot, especially when it came to silly sketches. She would have also been the first to do "Ew!" with him. Oh, Jacole, why can't you be real?

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