Cara's Tribute to Her Late Grandmother Is Touching


Sad news from the world of modeling this week. Cara Delevingne's grandmother has passed away at the age of 102. Delevingne broke the news via Instagram on Monday with a sweet tribute to her grandmother, Angela Margo Delevingne, who happened to look just like her granddaughter — right down to those famous brows. Guess we know where Cara gets those stunning features now, don't we?

The model took to social media to announce the passing of her beloved grandmother, posting a collage of images showing Angela Delevingne at various stages of life. She captioned the photos with the following message:

Rest in peace Angela Delevingne the kindest, most intelligent and wickedly funny human I have ever had the pleasure of knowing let alone being related to. An amazing mother, grandmother, great grandmother and also friend. You will live forever in my heart and will be missed dearly by all. You truly had the best eyebrows in the world. I love you more than words can explain ❤️

Kudos to Cara for focusing on the positive during this difficult time, and to Angela Delevinge for living what appears to have been a very long and full live. Check out the lovely Instagram tribute below (warning: you may want to have some tissues at the ready).