The 20 Best Ikea Hacks For Organizing Your Closet, Makeup, And The Rest Of Your Life In 2015

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With the new year comes new resolutions, and naturally many of us put "Be more organized" near the top of the list. Having makeup brushes scattered all over every surface and tripping over piles of shoes in the hallway does not bode well for a productive, peaceful 2015.

So you've resolved to change your sloppy, disorganized ways, at least when it comes to makeup and clothes (unsorted mail can wait for 2016). That's great. But how to do that, exactly? It can seem overwhelming at first if you don't know where to start. The best thing you can do is remember that everything should have its own place.

If you can never find matching socks in the morning, if you keep losing your favorite jewelry, and if you've been keeping dozens of nail polish bottles on the kitchen table, you need an organization overhaul. That's right. This means a trip to Ikea. Whether you need to organize your underwear drawer or your makeup drawer (or both) Ikea has your back. Click through to see 20 life-saving organization tricks and ideas.

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