Jacob Payne Is Heading To 'Boot Camp'

by Kayla Hawkins

The new season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars promises all new therapy sessions with reality stars who probably should have never gotten married in the first place. One of those reality stars is former Bad Girls' Club contestant Natalie Numm, who married Jacob Payne in 2012. While Jacob Payne is a professional football player, as Black Sports Online pointed out, he's never been listed as a player on any NFL team's roster, or even on the record as being drafted by any team and then cut — this guy just plain doesn't exist, as far as the NFL is concerned. However, he was an arena football player for the Arizona Rattlers, so he does in fact play football professionally. But like the difference between a movie star and a reality star, the difference between an NFL player and an arena football player may sound small, but actually means a lot. And since marrying Nunn, Payne left the Arena Football League in order to play abroad in places like Brazil. Other than that, Payne's only claims to fame are his other appearances on reality TV. Payne and Nunn first appeared together on WEtv's Bridezillas and Nunn lived up to her Bad Girl identity.

Unfortunately, there are some more unsavory rumors circulating about their short relationship, with one claiming that Nunn was cheating on Payne last year with a professional basketball player. There have also been rumors that Payne has been cheating on Nunn since the weekend of their honeymoon with everyone from a rando fan in the club to a gay porn star. There might not be any truth to these rumors, but that doesn't mean Nunn and Payne won't get this season of Marriage Boot Camp off to an explosive start.

When he's not training for his football career, Jacob Payne is on Instagram. He posts a lot of pictures of his day-to-day life, which includes a lot of delicious looking food.

I'll say this: I don't think the NFL is that lax about their training schedule, so maybe Payne should consider himself lucky that he didn't go pro.

The most interesting/weirdest thing about Payne and Nunn's marriage, when you remember that they're on Marriage Boot Camp? The fact that they're still together all the time, posting pictures on social media, and seem totally happy together.

That picture is the very definition of "canoodling." And would you like a shock to go on top of that shock? Nunn is pregnant at the moment, which is evident in Payne's recent #WCW Instagram post.

Either Marriage Boot Camp really works, or their problems weren't all that serious to begin with. Since their whole relationship has taken place in the public eye, I may have to change my mind about the effectiveness of doing calisthenics to fix bad communication.

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