Clairol Names Christina Hendricks Brand Ambassador, So Now We Can All Copy Her Perfect Red Hair

I'm operating under the personal belief system that Christina Hendricks is just about the best brand ambassador for anything, ever. Vivienne Westwood's palladium jewelry line? Ultra shiny and ultra epic. London Fog? Absolutely perfect (especially with the Mad Men tie-in — I still miss you, Lane Pryce!). Her friend's Etsy shop? Arguably even better. Get this, though: Her newest endorsement might just be the best of all, because the famous redhead Christina Hendricks is the new face of Clairol.

It's perfect all around, because in addition to having one of the most enviable titian manes around, she's also got something of a history with the brand. You see, we often forget, but like fellow famed redhead Emma Stone, Hendricks' — get ready to clutch at your pearls, everyone — a natural blonde. She had a couple notable run-ins with the color early in life — she first started dyeing her hair as a testament to the ever-badass Anne of Green Gables at age 10, then became reacquainted with the shade on a photoshoot with Clairol — after which she promptly contacted her agents to let them know she was going to stick with the color, which quickly became her signature shade. Now, how's that for kismet?

Take a look at her ads below:

The best part of this new collaboration? Well, now Hendricks' dye of choice (Nice ‘n Easy 6R Natural Light Auburn) is making the rounds like wildfire — so now we can all give Joan's fabulous shade a try.

Images: Getty Images; Clairol