Aaron Paul's New Role Is Intense, Bitch

If you're worried about how to get your Jesse Pinkman fix once the Breaking Bad finale airs this Sunday, don't worry. Aaron Paul's new movie Need for Speed will hit theaters in March 2014, and today, the trailer for the flick has been released. Co-starring Dakota Johnson, who will be Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie coming out November, 2014, and Dominic Cooper (Captain America, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), the movie is about a street racer out for revenge.

It's a little curious why this movie isn't called Fast and the Furious 8, but if you like a puffy Aaron Paul and souped-up cars that go vroom-vroom, this movie is probably up your alley. It's definitely up your alley if you like car racing video games: Need for Speed is based off the racing game of the same name.

TBD whether or not this movie will disappoint Breaking Bad fans, but odds are there will be no character quite like Jesse Pinkman, and any character who Paul plays in the future, everyone will just want him to say "biiiiitch" and deal meth. When he doesn't, it'll just be confusing.

That said, Paul's so near and dear to our hearts that we'll support him no matter what he does. As long has he keeps making that angry face, we're in.

Image: Dreamworks