Raven Symone Shaves Her Head Into the Edgiest Pixie, Plus 7 Other Celeb Ladies Who've Gone Under the Razor

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It's been quite a while since that dark day back in 2004 when my girl Britney took a razor to her locks and shaved off her blonde head of hair. But in those 11 years (!!!!) since, tons of other female celebs have braved the clippers (to rock a new style, of course — not because of an awkward public meltdown...). The most recent? Raven Symone shaved the sides of her hair into what just might be the edgiest version of a pixie cut to ever exist.

While most of us freak out over a little trim, these movie stars and songstresses are buzzing off their locks like it's NBD. Props ladies, y'all are braver than the rest of us. Check out Raven's new 'do, plus 7 more badass styles and the fearless celebs who rock them.

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