10 Crazy Heidi & Spencer Moments from 'The Hills' To Prepare You for 'Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars'

It's a real shocker that Spencer and Heidi Pratt will be on Marriage Boot Camp Season 4 (the second season of the Reality Stars edition). No really, it is a huge surprise that it took four seasons to get them onto this show, especially when you learn what it is that they are not seeing eye-to-eye over. I know that a lot of The Hills was fake — still getting over that — but the struggle that was Speidi's relationship felt very real. These two went through some pretty outrageous moments on The Hills that will quickly answer the question of why they are now on Marriage Boot Camp.

From the "Meet Spencer and Heidi" video that Marriage Boot Camp has provided on their site, it seems like the biggest issue Spencer and Heidi will be dealing with on this season is their different opinions on having children. Heidi wants kids, and Spencer doesn't. Period. This is obviously something that many suggest you talk about before marriage, but these two are unconventional, so why start falling into normal patterns, right? Another standout moment in their video? When Spencer describes himself as a poet, instead of a reality star. I can't tell if he says it because 1) He is breaking away from the reality spotlight, 2) He is being sarcastic, 3) The crystals have gotten to him.

Because these two are so full of surprises, it might be a good idea to remember their 10 best and worst moments from Spencer and Heidi's time on The Hills.

Worst: The Pregnancy Conversation Outside of Heidi's "Work"

If you want to relive it, now is your chance. Also, this is a great predictor of how Marriage Boot Camp is going to go. Heidi kind of tested Spencer to see how he would react to her not-pregnancy, he was "Team Heidi," but was he really?

Best: The "He's a Sucky Person" Argument

Long before the sex tape rumors started (thanks to Speidi), Heidi and Spencer helped orchestrate the Jen Bunney and Brody make-out, which really hurt Lauren. Why is this a "best" moment? Because Spencer gets called a "sucky person," which he was in that moment (and future moments).

Worst: Spencer Brings Audrina To a Club in Front of Heidi Like the Gentleman He Is

Spencer and Heidi were definitely together at this point, so him bringing Audrina around was pretty shady. It also created issues for Audrina and Heidi's relationship, as it would.

Best: Heidi Moves In with Spencer

Definitely one of the biggest moments of LC and Heidi's friendship, even Lauren knew that if Heidi moved out it would probably end their friendship. As any friend would, though, Lauren told Heidi she could always come back, and Heidi got into the moving truck and watched as her friend disappeared in the side mirror. That one moment will forever be one of the best (and most dramatic) moments The Hills has ever had.

Worst: Speidi & Lauren Argue at a Club — "You Know What You Did!"

A great way to start off the season, right? After rumors circulate that LC and Jason have a sex tape (all eyes are on Speidi), Lauren confronts the couple at Frankie's birthday party. No! Not Frankie's b-day! Any other day but Frankie's birthday.

Best: Spencer Proposes To Heidi (Multiple Times)

The first time these two got married was when they eloped in Mexico, so when they got back to the U.S., it wasn't official. This led Spencer to finally propose to Heidi with a real ring, and a semi-real intention to give her the wedding she's always dreamed of.

Worst: MTV Hires* a "Neighbor" Child To Play into Heidi's Baby Fever & Spencer Freaks Out

Heidi offers to throw Enzo's birthday party, because she is dying to have kids. Spencer doesn't care for any of it, at all. It's all very awkward, and once again, shows how swell Marriage Boot Camp is going to go for these two.

*OK so I don't actually know if this kid was hired, but I highly, highly suspect it.

Best: Spencer & Heidi Get Married & a Surprise Guest Shows Up

The day finally came, and Speidi married with many in attendance. LC showed up, Kristen showed up (DUH DUH DUH!), it was a pretty tame day, and surely an important one in Speidi's lives.

Worst: Spencer Says Heidi's Mom Is Nothing But the Vagina Who Created Her

In a rage-induced temper tantrum, Spencer screams at Holly's sister that Mama Montag was not God, "She didn't make Heidi. She's just a vagina!" Not only was this just completely outrageous, but it showed just how strained Heidi's relationship with her mother would become because of Spencer's hatred for her.

Best: The Graffiti Wall

Spencer graffiti tags one of the white walls in their home, and it does not go over well with Heidi (she paints over it). Slow claps around the world began when Spencer walked in and saw Heidi with a paint roller.

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