John Travolta's Coming To Ryan Murphy's New Show

For the first time since 1975, John Travolta will return to TV — and he's doing it on a Ryan Murphy show. Travolta's been cast in Murphy's American Crime Story: People Vs. OJ , playing OJ Simpson defense attorney Robert Shapiro. He'll be joining former Ross Gellar David Schwimmer, who was previously cast as Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian Sr. in the new anthology series.

American Crime Story marks a new anthology series offshoot for American Horror Story creator Murphy, and apparently a new chapter for Travolta's career as well: According to Deadline he hasn't starred in a TV show since '75's Welcome Back, Kotter. And it'll be a big one to re-enter the TV landscape, too: Not only is American Horror Story a hit, but the OJ Simpson murder trial being portrayed from the perspectives of the lawyers involved in the trial is guaranteed to draw a lot of re-hashing of the facts compared to the fiction.

On the actor side of things, this seems like a series built to facilitate comebacks: On top of Travolta and Schwimmer, Cuba Gooding Jr. will also be starring as Simpson himself. Every season of American Crime Story will focus on a different real-life crime, so if the show lasts past this first season I'd bet on even more comebacks to come. Given the involvement of many of the American Horror Story producers I'd also bet this is going to be a pretty sensationalized version of some already pretty sensationalized events.