17 Politicians Who Got High Back In The Day & Are More Than Happy To Tell You About It

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When you think of politicians doing drugs, your first thought is probably a flushed and sweaty Rob Ford smoking crack in someone's basement. However, the former Toronto mayor is not the only politician who's dabbled in illegal substances. While he might be the only one whose vice of choice was crack, many politicians have admitted to smoking a far more popular substance: marijuana.According to the World Health Organization, about 147 million people consume cannabis worldwide, and the Foundation For a Drug-Free World states that more than 94 million people in the U.S. alone have admitted to trying it at least once. With odds like that, then some of those people were bound to be politicos. Perhaps what is surprising is that among them are some of Washington's most prominent figures over the years, including several U.S. presidents. Some politicians, like former president Bill Clinton, insist that toking up was a one-off incident they didn't even enjoy, while others, like former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, all but admitted that they used to take bong hits while listening to Dr. Dre's The Chronic. With weed laws loosening across the country, it's becoming increasingly clear that marijuana is the drug of the people — and politicians are people too.

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