The Belfie Stick Is Here To Help Your Butt Selfies

I know what you're thinking right now: "I wish I had a better way to take a picture of my butt." Well, never fear friends, the belfie stick is here. For the uninitiated, a "belfie" is a butt selfie. So a picture you take of your own butt because that's where we're at now, culturally. The butt is really having a moment. So if you've been struggling with your belfies of late (those angles are not easy!), the solution you've been craving is finally here, in yet another iteration of the most annoying invention known to mankind, the selfie stick. No more awkward over-the-shoulder shots in the mirror; no more contorting your body while trying to capture your backside in a photo. Gone are the days of twisting and trying to aim just right—now the perfect butt selfie is as simple as pointing this angled stick over your shoulder and snapping away.

The belfie stick is made of titanium steel and is equipped with a bluetooth button so you can connect it to your phone to shoot. Unfortunately, if you're super keen on running out to buy one, you have to pre-order (the site selling them has sold out) at the not-so-small price of $80 (whattttttttt?!?!!?). I have to say, I was recently gifted a selfie stick as a "joke" present, due to my vitriolic and very vocal hatred of the selfie stick. I took it out for New Year's Eve, and it wasn't really that bad. We were able to get full group shots of our dinner table (twelve people) without assistance. Annoying, but obviously handy. I've never taken a belfie before, but who knows: Maybe I'll be converted on the belfie at some point too, although I can't say I'm eager to drop eighty bucks on one.

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