What's in a 'Girls' Credits Song? A Lot Actually

If you've been watching Lena Dunham's "little" show that could (a whole lot), you know that there's always a lot of meaning in the Girls ' credits song. Every year, the soundtrack is made into a big deal of its own, with artists like Miguel even debuting brand new material as an endcap to Hannah Horvath's adventures in mid-20s madness. The credits song for Girls ' "Iowa," "Giant" by Matrimony, is no different. In fact, when the episode ends on what seems like a Girls-style cliffhanger (understated, and almost non-existent until you really think about it), "Giant" swoops in and gives us an answer about Hannah and Adam's relationship.

In fact, the lyrics could very nearly be Adam's inner monologue as he watches Hannah leave for Iowa:

Does it feel good to leave me behindDo you like the way I look when I'm cryingWhen you said that I'd be yours until we dieDoes it feel good to leave me behindThere's a giant leading me to God knows whereI've got news, I'm going my wayFighting and I feel I'm getting somewhereAll is right, all is right

Before the credits roll, we watch Adam — who's gone damn near comatose on Hannah upon realizing that she is really leaving New York — complain about having a relationship over the phone (he's awful at the phone, Hannah knows because he generally goes silent and then does his signature Star Warsian groan) before having what looks like pretty dispassionate maintenance sex And just before Hannah leaves for real, she can't even get Adam out of bed. Instead, Marnie shows up, holds Hannah in a long embrace, starts crying, and helps Hannah takes her things to her parents' car. It's not until Hannah's car is in motion that Adam wakes up, looks out the window, and watches with puppy dog eyes as Hannah drives away.

So what happened here? Did they just break up? Naturally, the full answer (or further confusion on the matter, this is Girls after all) will hit us next week, but the credits song certainly seems to point to a big ol' "yes." "Does it feel good to leave me behind" and "I've got news, I'm going away" sound like break-up lyrics, or I'm a sane person who doesn't look forward to Girls season like a kid waiting for Santa.

Image: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO