Forget Men — TV Women Had The Toughest Globes Race

Let everyone else go on and on about how crazy tough the race is over on the men's side of the television drama race, but we all know it's just as competitive over on the women's side. You've got TV vets and seasoned winners like Claire Danes from Homeland and Julianna Margulies from The Good Wife. You've got newbies (to the category anyway) like Ruth Wilson from The Affair and Oscar winner Viola Davis of How to Get Away With Murder. And you've got the wild card: Miss Robin Wright of House of Cards. Despite excellent performances from all (and dare I say a comeback from Danes), Ruth Wilson won the Globe for Best Actress in a TV Drama.

Wilson no doubt deserves the prize, although if you ask me, even being in the same room with these crazy talented ladies is a honor in and of itself. What's great about the Globes is that you never truly know who'll win or even who will be nominated — unlike the stuffier Emmys, where you can project with rage that every comedy award will go to Modern Family, Claire Danes will win Best Actress (unless it's Breaking Bad's final season — you earned the hell out of that one, Anna Gunn), and TV bloggers everywhere will be tweeting in sorrow at the injustice of award selection. At the Globes, it's anybody's game.

When accepting her award, Wilson so cheekily said to her co-star Dominc West, "Dom your ass is something of great beauty." She's not wrong. It's been a big night for Dom, Ruth, and The Affair — the series won the award for Best TV Drama earlier in the evening.

Davis' Oscar klout gives her just as much of a shot as Wright with her wildly steely gazes, Danes' Homeland tenure, and Margulies continually amazing Good Wife performance. This is arguably one of the most exciting awards of the night, and while The Affair's leading lady absolutely deserves every ounce of praise coming her way, I'd be happy to see just about any of these women beaming up on that glitzy stage.