Another Reason Why We Wish We Were a Legend

Listen, I'm not a sap, but that doesn't mean there aren't certain relationships I admittedly swoon over. Maybe it's because it seems that marriage has sort of fallen by the wayside (still debating how I feel about that), or maybe it's because Tinder exists, but healthy, happy relationships like that between John Legend and Chrissy Teigen light the hope candle for the rest of us, for sure. I mean, between the chart-topping love songs Legend pens specifically for Teigen, and the social media declarations of love and support for Legened on Teigen's end, they almost don't seem real. But they are real (somehow) and the rest of us are sitting here wondering how the hell they make it work.

If the Instagram posts the Sports Illustrated model posted on Wednesday night are any indication, the couple makes it work because, well, they make sure it does. And, don't tell her that it's because of "luck" because that'll piss her off as it rightly should.The notion of heartfelt effort is proved by the fact that Teigen put up a few pictures of the Grammy Award winner who had a shmancy dinner waiting for her when she got home. A truly sweet gesture that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy because if you follow her on any form of social media, you know how much food means to her.

This isn't the only adorbs documented moment between the couple. Look below at some of the other cute ass things they do on a daily basis:

Supporting Each Other's Teams


Birthday Love Posts

What I'd do to pinch those cheeks.

Taking Care of Each Other

Cooking is hard.

Postcard-Worthy Selfies

They spent Christmas on a beach. Together.

More Birthday Love

Le sigh.

Eating Fast Food Together in Bed

If I did this it wouldn't be nearly as cute.

They Go on Frickin' Date Nights


This is almost too much too handle, guys. Tone down the perfection, will ya?