11 Easy Thai Food Recipes That We Promise You Really Can Make Yourself

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I am utterly smitten with Thai food, and have been ever since my brother introduced me to my first plate of Tom Kah coconut soup when I was in second grade. Thai food is my go-to, my first choice whenever someone asks me what my last meal would be before I die. (Out of context, I guess that's a really morbid question, but whatever.) I've lived in three cities in the last five years, and I've always made sure there was a Thai restaurant nearby, because #priorities.

If Thai is your feast of choice as well, then you, like me, have probably tried to recreate your favorite meals in your own kitchen. And you may have, in the process, learned that it's really, really hard. Like, not matter how much fish and oyster sauce, no matter how much coconut milk you use, or red chili peppers you let soak in your pan, it never comes out quite right.

It's also hard finding the right recipe that at least comes close to the "real thing" (and I use that term loosely, since I've never actually been to Thailand and have no way to gauge the authenticity of my meals, but anyway), because to recreate your favorite Thai food, you need the proper ingredients. And those ingredients are hard to come by. So when you find a recipe, you want to make sure the substitutions are at least close to the real thing (hey, at least you're trying).

Here are 11 pretty solid recipes that come deliciously close to visiting Thailand itself.

Image: The Crepes of Wrath

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