Alleged 'Charlie Hebdo' Gunman Hamyd Mourad Surrenders & the Kouachi Brothers Are Still on the Loose

Hours after three gunmen stormed Charlie Hebdo's offices Wednesday and killed 12 people — including famed cartoonist and editorial director Stéphane Charbonnier — one suspect in the Paris shooting has surrendered to officials, according to reports. ABC and AFP reported that Hamyd Mourad turned himself in.

The development comes after a night of confusion in the media. Earlier Wednesday, outlets erroneously reported that one of the suspects had been killed in a raid, while the others were taken into custody. French sources, however, later confirmed that they were, "false reports. Police sources contacted by Le Monde say that no arrests have taken place at this time.”

Information is slowly beginning to trickle in regarding their identities. Authorities have confirmed that Said Kouachi and Cherif Kouachi, the other two suspected gunmen, are from France, even if Mourad's nationality is still unclear. Authorities also believed they had discovered where the three gunmen were hiding following their attack on Charlie Hebdo, surrounding an apartment in Reims, Paris.

Even though those details are far more descriptive than what we had just hours ago, there's still a lot more we need to learn about the gunmen and their motives. Though witnesses say "the shooter yelled 'Allah Akbar'" during the shooting and "wanted to take revenge for the prophet," seemingly pointing to the magazine's history lampooning religious extremists as cause, authorities have not confirmed a motive for the shootings.

French police are now appealing for information about the brothers, who remain on the loose.

Image: David Clinch/Twitter, CNN