Who's The Voice of Margery, NPH's Dummy on 'AHS: Freak Show'? She's An Old Ryan Murphy Favorite

If you were watching the highly anticipated Neil Patrick Harris episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show , then you were probably a little confused when NPH's dummy had a voice that clearly wasn't his. Who could have voiced the wooden gal? How about none other than AHS staple, actress Jamie Brewer.

It was announced earlier this year that Brewer would show up on Freak Show . Naturally, I assumed she would, well, show up. Instead, her voice appeared as the sassy and seemingly magical ventriloquist dummy (who actually does all the work for you): Margery. At first, I thought that the show was looking for any excuse to add another actor, having Brewer serve as NPH's muffled voice. That option, admittedly, made me a little uncomfortable. Couldn't the girl who was once Addie in Monster House get a better role?

Thankfully, we find out that Brewer's Margery is the one doing the titular "Magical Thinking." She's a doll that, wait for it: thinks!

Of course, I still would have preferred to actually see Brewer on screen doing her thing that she does so well, but we're only halfway through "Magical Thinking." Those who studied the promo probably noted that Brewer's face popped up, but considering the promo also showed Jimmy with his hands I wasn't too trusting.

But, when we saw into Chester's past, the seemingly murderous Margery was suddenly alive — happy ending of Pinocchio style — and her face was Brewer's.

Stay tuned...