HAIM Beat Miley at Her Own Game

Get ready to come at me, Miley Cyrus fans. Our new favorite band that just so happens to be led by three amazing ladies, does a Miley song better than Miley does a Miley song. HAIM's "Wrecking Ball" cover for BBC1, if it gets enough attention, could easily surpass Miley's version on the charts... okay, maybe not on the charts, but certainly in our hearts. And HAIM didn't even have to fellate a sledgehammer to do it. Do your worst, Cyrus-heads. (And while you're at it, maybe find yourselves a catchy nickname, too.)

In case you've not yet met them (via their music or the magic of the Internet), the sisters Haim hail from Los Angeles and they're about to release their full-length album Days Are Gone on September 27. They're technically classified as "Indie Pop," but that box doesn't nearly do them justice.

Mixing elements of old school R&B, folk, and a little pop rock, HAIM delivers an infectious sound that, unlike Miley's, isn't going to feel like a sugar coma in a few hours. So get with the program, because these ladies are blowing up.

And in case you need proof (and an excuse to listen to some amazing music) you can hop over to NPR to stream HAIM's entire album and then watch the best version of "Wrecking Ball" yet known to the Internet.