This Knife-Throwing Performance Goes Wrong In Ways That Are Really Hard to Watch — VIDEO

However badly your work day is going, take comfort: This knife thrower’s assistant has just had a worse one. Things took a hair-raising turn on Lithuania’s Got Talent recently, when a knife-thrower’s incompetence literally left blood on the stage. Cringe-inducing video of the show reveals an inept knife-thrower haphazardly launching knives toward a variety of objects, hitting none of them, and endangering the life of his assistant in the process. I dare you not to squirm as the knife thrower first cuts the fingers of his assistant’s left hand, only to then narrowly miss his right hand a few seconds later. At around the three minute mark, the beleaguered assistant flinches as another knife lands a mere centimeter or two from his head, and the end of the video shows the thrower trying to mop up blood with his shoe. Although I cannot translate the judges’ responses at the end of the video, I would imagine that this duo did not move forward in the competition. Also, can we take a moment and respect the strength of spirit of that assistant? I pretty much would've been calling "game over" as soon as my first hand was nicked.

I don’t know whether to feel sorry for the knife thrower or to fear him as the angel of death that he is. We all suck at our jobs once in a while, but when I perform poorly at work, usually nobody ends up bleeding (USUALLY).


Image: YouTube