Moschino Made a Major Photoshop Blunder

by Sienna Fantozzi

Photoshopping celebrities on magazine covers is one of those things that we know happens, but isn't always readily admitted. Of course they wake up like that, duh. But the latest photoshop disaster is one that will be quite difficult for anyone to deny. Moschino's spring ad campaign photoshop failed by completely leaving out a model's limb. Oopsies?

The black and white images for Moschino's Spring 2015 campaign, shot by Steven Meisel, feature models Hollie-May Saker, Anna Ewers and Sasha Luss smoldering for the camera and giving us plenty of attitude. The Barbie themed collection we saw on the runway (which bordered on costumed farcicality) translates in the campaign imagery slightly edgier, less "barbie girl" and more "cool girl." So that's all fine and good, but it doesn't excuse the major mishap going on in these ads, because Sasha Luss is clearly missing her left leg — and if they think that's something viewers wouldn't notice like a few wrinkles being airbrushed off, they seriously underestimated us. Or just got an extremely amature photoshopper to do the sketch job.

Either way, it taints what would otherwise be a pretty fantastic ad campaign. Maybe next time stick to blemishes instead of digitally amputating the models, yeah?

Images: Moschino