15 Recipes That Prove Olive-Lovers Know More About Good Food Than Anyone

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My boyfriend once asked me what I would do if I was forced to choose between him and olives. I faltered in my response. Of course I would choose my boyfriend over olives, but you know, I would really miss the olives. There would definitely be a protracted mourning period. Also, what kind of sick weirdo would make anyone (especially a hungry Greek) choose between their relationship and olives (the number one and number two most important things in that Greek's life). A monster, that's who.

The thing about olives is this: You don't just "like" olives. You don't think olives are "okay". You're not, "I guess I wouldn't kick them out of bed" about olives. You can never eat "too many" olives. If you enjoy olives, you want to marry olives. You're a bottomless pit with an olive magnet floating somewhere in its depths. Your desire for olives can never be satiated. You actually sit around thinking about olives, the way normal people do about sex or paying the bills. Olives are versatile and the possibilities are endless. You can do anything with them. They say when a person is tired of olives, they are tired of life. Here are 15 recipes that prove olive-lovers enjoy food more than anyone else (because olives are a LIFESTYLE).

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