15 Recipes That Prove Olive-Lovers Know More About Good Food Than Anyone

My boyfriend once asked me what I would do if I was forced to choose between him and olives. I faltered in my response. Of course I would choose my boyfriend over olives, but you know, I would really miss the olives. There would definitely be a protracted mourning period. Also, what kind of sick weirdo would make anyone (especially a hungry Greek) choose between their relationship and olives (the number one and number two most important things in that Greek's life). A monster, that's who.

The thing about olives is this: You don't just "like" olives. You don't think olives are "okay". You're not, "I guess I wouldn't kick them out of bed" about olives. You can never eat "too many" olives. If you enjoy olives, you want to marry olives. You're a bottomless pit with an olive magnet floating somewhere in its depths. Your desire for olives can never be satiated. You actually sit around thinking about olives, the way normal people do about sex or paying the bills. Olives are versatile and the possibilities are endless. You can do anything with them. They say when a person is tired of olives, they are tired of life. Here are 15 recipes that prove olive-lovers enjoy food more than anyone else (because olives are a LIFESTYLE).

Photo: Blogging Over Thyme

Rosé Roasted Olives with Blue Cheese

This recipe from A Cozy Kitchen proves that olive lovers know what’s up because it also includes cheese and Rosé, which are the third and fourth best things in life respectively.

Image: A Cozy Kitchen

Shandy Dandy Braised Chicken with Mushrooms and Green Olives

Olives can be part of a hearty meal too, and this delicious looking chicken dish from A Farmgirl’s Dabbles combines olives with traditional comfort food. It also includes alcohol so, again, olive lovers crush it.

Image: A Farmgirl’s Dabbles

Olive Tapenade Swirl Bread

OLIVE LOVERS MAKE BREAD BETTER. That's just a fact. BRB, I’m going to make this incredible olive tapenade swirl bread by Blogging Over Thyme.

Image: Blogging Over Thyme

Pizza with Mozzarella, Lemon, and Olives

Olives belong with pizza. Like Shania Twain and being unimpressed. Especially on fancy pizza with quality ingredients, like this one from Five and Spice.

Image: Five and Spice

Mediterranean Pasta with Zucchini and Olives

Simplicity with quality, healthy ingredients. Vikalinka shows how to marry olives with pasta.

Image: Vikalinka

Lamb Tagine With Olives

Lamb is the best meat there is, and Thyme for Cooking levels it up with the incorporation of olives.

Image: Thyme for Cooking

Moroccan Lemon Chicken with Olives

If you’re mouth isn’t watering yet it will be over Tori Avey’s Moroccan lemon chicken with olives.

Image: Tori Avey

Cold Lentil Salad with Cucumbers and Olives

You might want to archive this one from The Kitchn for summer, but it’s dreamy nonetheless.

Image: The Kitchn

Camembert, Black Olive and Apricot Tart

Olives can be tarts too you know, according to this atrociously delicious sounding recipe by The Kitchen Alchemist.

Image: The Kitchen Alchemist

Red Snapper with Tomatoes, Olives and Onions

Olive-lovers love food because olives can go with anything, even seafood. This recipe from The Comfort of Cooking is currently making me salivate.

Image: The Comfort of Cooking

Olive Pesto

I’m going to make this olive pesto from Table for Two and smear it all over everything that I put in my mouth (don’t get dirty about it, you know what I mean).

Image: Table for Two

Greek Style Mac 'n Cheese


Image: Steamy Kitchen

Chicken Escalopes with Olive, Caper & Tomato Dressing

Simply Delicious shows us exactly why olive-lovers enjoy food more than anyone else with this chicken dish.

Image: Simply Delicious

Toulouse-Lautrec's Recipe for Pigeon with

Even legendary artists from long ago know what’s up with olives. Here in New York, it shouldn’t be too hard to get your hands on a pigeon and try this delicious olive recipe from Lost Past Remembered.

Image: Lost Past Remembered

M’semmen with Goat Cheese, Harissa Honey and Olives

I don’t know what a M’semmen is but I know I want to eat it, especially with all those olives on top.

Image: Lost Past Remembered