Rita's Outfit Upset a Lot Of People

While Miley Cyrus is rarely seen wearing pants these days, and Rihanna wears naked dresses, Britain is getting their panties in a bunch over a star wearing a low-cut blazer. People were outraged over Rita Ora's tuxedo jacket on BBC this week, and I'm just kind of wondering why?

Ora appeared on The One Show in London to promote The Voice UK wearing a white, low cut tuxedo jacket pantsuit — and audiences were appalled. BBC received over 400 (gasp!) complaints from viewers, who were furious with her revealing choice of outfit for a family-oriented program. Due to the volume of Twitter comments, BBC chose to issue the following statement:

"[The show] allows guests to choose their own attire and pop stars often opt for something glamorous or striking. We didn’t feel that Rita’s outfit would be outside of most viewers’ expectations of that of a major pop star, but we appreciate that tastes vary.”

Well, guess Miley won't be booked as a guest anytime soon. BBC went on to say that if the staff was consulted, they would have asked Ora to wear something "more suitable for 7 p.m." Okay, so 7:00 is a (non-revealing) pantsuit, 8:00 let's us undo some buttons, and by 10:00 PM the pants can just come right off, yeah?

I get it, but I'm not too convinced this revealing blazer is really going to affect kiddos. Parents should be more concerned about the images their children can google than what Rita Ora wears on a 7 p.m television show.

Images: Getty Images; officialroycey/Twitter