Where You Can Get Your 'Charlie Hebdo' Copy

Next week, one million copies of the Jan. 14 issue of Charlie Hebdo will be distributed. And if you're wondering where you can show your support by buying a copy of Charlie Hebdo outside of France, you might want to try Amazon. The best option for getting an issue of the French satirical magazine outside of France is to sign up for a year's subscription of Charlie Hebdo on The $181.39 subscription will get you a year’s supply of the magazine at approximately $3.49 per issue, with shipping thrown in for free.

However, even if you sign up right now, this might not be a guarantee that you'll get next week's issue. According to Amazon’s Magazine Availability and Shipping details, it can take one to two weeks for a new subscription to be received and scheduled by the publisher. That means there isn’t a guarantee that new subscribers – those who subscribe today onward – will receive the Jan. 14 issue of Charlie Hebdo. The details also state that weekly magazines are expected to arrive within 4-6 weeks of an order. Amazon magazine subscriptions are also limited to the U.S.

If an subscription won’t work for you, there’s a reddit discussion on figuring out how to get issues of Charlie Hebdo outside of France.

One Redditor said the magazine was available in the French-speaking areas of Canada:

It is distributed outside of France. We get it here in Canada for one thing (at least the french part). You ought to be able to get a copy in any well furnished specialised magasine/newspaper outlet with an international section. Probably most airport newsstands will also have some copies. -Gargatua13013
Yana Paskova/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Bustle reached out to some international magazine sellers in NYC to see if they carried issues of Charlie Hebdo, but had no luck. But it might be worth a shot to try this redditor's suggestion:

Most "World" Magazine shops will have it, or if your in a major city, the airport news stands might have it as well. -timtooltime

According to another redditor, there are bookstores in the UK trying to get copies:

I went and tried to find some info about that in London. A few French bookshops know about this and they're trying to get their distributor to get some copies for the UK. -Calembreloque

And there are quite a few French redditors willing to send copies to other redditors:

Frenchman here, I am willing to send you a copy from the mail. -Bzh2610
I'm in France right now, but will be in the US in 10 days. I can try to buy a few (not sure how hard it will be) and mail it to people in the US in 10-15 days if people are interested, just PM me. -qb_st

If you've got a contact in France, it might be worth reaching out to them if you're interested in next week's issue.