Meet 'Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars' Cast of Couples from All Over the TV Spectrum

If Bravo is known for destroying reality TV marriages, WE tv is known for creating them and then trying desperately to keep them together. Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, returning on Jan. 9, was born out of Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas, which was born out of trying to keep former Bad Girls Club cast members (and others) from ruining their marriages with all of their crazy. It's basically philanthropy when you think about it. But don't think about it too hard, because this season's cast is somehow even more dramatic the last...

Image: Kelsea McNeal/WEtv

by Jodi Walker

Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag

H’oh boy. You may have heard of Heidi and Spencer before: they’re professional reality stars, she of The Hills and plastic surgery fame, and he, of somehow tricking her into marriage. And that’s why they’re here! Heidi is ready to have children, and Spencer either doesn’t agree with her, or wants to prove that he doesn’t have to agree with her. Actually — scratch that — Spender directly tells WE tv he’s on the show because he’s hoping “two professionals will tell [Heidi] that she needs to just relax.”

Yeah, c’mon, Heidi — just lay back, relax, and enjoy your lie detector test.

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Syleena Johnson & Kiwane Garris

Syleena and Kiwane have three sons and eight years of marriage under their belt… they’re the real deal. But Syleena, star of R&B Divas, puts their relationship issues pretty simply on the show: “Kiwane doesn’t talk.” And, indeed, for their entire We tv video package, Kiwane doesn’t talk! But the R&B diva and retired NBA player are both committed to getting the romance back in their marriage, so maybe a little time with the Carrolls is just what they need. Syleena and Kiwane pretty level-headed about it, anyway: “Long as we don’t die and get divorced, we should be OK.”

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Tyson Apostol & Rachel Foulger

Tyson and Rachel are less in Marriage Boot Camp, and more in Get Married or Get Off the Pot Boot Camp. These two didn’t meet on reality TV, but they tell WE tv that Tyson’s three stints on Survivor (and Rachel’s one) have repeatedly thrown a wrench in advancing their dating relationship. After dating for six years, Rachel is ready to get married, but as his cast bio says, Tyson ”spends most of his time avoiding Rachel’s not-so-subtle suggestions to get married.” Boot camp really might be in order to make this relationship legally bound.

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Natalie Nunn & Jacob Payne

It looks like Natalie, both a former Bad Girl and Bridezilla, might be playing coy on why they she and her husband Jacob need Boot Camp when they first arrive on the show, but WE tv is happy to spill the issues that are threatening to end this marriage. Her racy photos on social media, allegations of cheating, and a 3,500-mile separation because of his football career are enough to keep them from settling into their still fairly new marriage.

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Aviva & Reid Drescher

Aviva and Reid are pretty open to WE tv: Real Housewives messed up their marriage. It didn’t destroy it, but they haven’t handled the invasive nature of being reality TV stars well, so their solution? More reality TV. They say they want to be together forever, so they’re “look[ing] at Marriage Boot Camp like one big marriage insurance policy.” OK, good luck!

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