Olivia Stars In New Ad Campaign With Her Husband

Newlywed life means the beginning of sharing pretty much everything in your life with another person — your home, your Sunday mornings... your brand sponsorships? Olivia Palermo is the face of La Mer, and she's starring in the content series alongside one very special person — her husband, Johannes Huebel.

The genetically gifted couple are not just fronting any old content series, they're starring in a film for the pricey skin care line. The short film series, called "Illuminating Moments," launches on La Mer's site on Thursday and is set to feature glamorous couples who represent modern love from around the world, including New York City, Paris, and Seoul. Palermo and Huebl are featured in the brand's debut film, and I could not think of a more perfect choice of couple to embody that sentiment. The video features the couple both in their busy, chaotic lives, but still finding a moment to share together, and prepare to have your beauty envy go up several notches.

Palermo has always been known for her glowing skin and immaculate makeup (it's a rarity if she ever gets it wrong), so choosing the brunette beauty to advertise extremely expensive skincare that most of us can only dream about was no doubt a decision well made.

Images: Getty Images; La Mer; YouTube