Copy Lisa Eldridge's Gorgeous Lancôme Ads

You've sat down and watched Lisa Eldridge's beauty tutorials before, haven't you? If you haven't, watch them now, and you'll quickly realize why Lisa Eldridge for Lancôme is such a match made in heaven. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more thorough, masterful, and talented makeup artist/tutorial makeup artist in all of YouTube. Bonus: her videos are ridiculously soothing, so if you're ever freaking out over something, they're a great way to calm down and they're very centering. She can do everything from simple beach makeup (it's all about the waterproof mascara) to an incredibly spot-on Marilyn Monroe look. Anyway, in addition to filming awesome tutorials, Eldridge is also a very high-profile makeup artist — she's done just about every major magazine out there, as well as some gorgeous advertisements; the newest of which is the spring Lancôme campaign.

It's kind of perfect in every way — it strikes the ideal balance of simple, striking, delicate, and just plain pretty. The pale green eyeshadow has a slight touch of the ethereal to it, and it's juxtaposed nicely with the intense berry lip. Add in a tiny bit of charcoal grey liner to your water line, and a touch of pale, cool pink blush to the apples of your cheeks, and that's about it — let's get started on this deceptively simple makeup look!

The Liner

After putting all of my base makeup on (a dewy finish foundation — Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation, to be exact), some light eyebrow pencil (Lovely ME:EX Design my Eyebrow in Gray Brown), and some pink blush (Benefit in Dandelion, AKA my latest obsession), I tightlined my eyes, keeping the focus on the upper lid and outer corner. I kept the line on the thinner, fainter side on the lower lid, and smudged a bit at the outer corner to get a softer focus look.

I almost forgot! You'll also want to add a slight wing, because why use eyeliner if you're not going to wing it out a little, right?

The Eyeshadow

If you look closely at the Lancôme ad, you'll notice that the model is wearing a warm brown matte shadow above her crease for some added definition. Nooner from the Naked 3 Urban Decay Palette is a pretty spot-on dupe for whatever she's wearing, but of course with a simple, matte brown you definitely have some wiggle room — just make sure it's not too overpowering (aside from the green eyeliner this is actually a pretty natural look).

The Green Liner

Now, here's the fun part. I did a few layers of NYX Slide On Pencil in Green Papaya (fun fact: I originally bought this color in an attempt to look like the Sherlock version of Irene Adler — her eyeliner game was seriously on point), and accentuated the cat eye shape. I traced all along the bottom lid with the green as well, then smudged the whole thing like crazy (for that forest fairy look).

The Finishing Touches

All you need now is some mascara — I'd go for a lengthening formula, as opposed to a volumnizing one (if you look closely at the model, her lashes are very delicate and spidery); I'd recommend Benefit's They're Real for the job.

As for the lips? I have dozens of berry shades that are perfect, but why not go for the most cost-effective option? Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain in Crush was one of my favorite beauty discoveries of the 2014, and it's just right for this look.

...And done! I highly recommend this look — I obviously can't speak for everyone, but I found the pale green eyeliner surprisingly flattering, and the deep berry lip kept everything from being too twee. The bright green (which was actually brighter and more eye-catching in real life than in these photographs) might be pushing the envelope a bit if you work in a conservative office, but other than that, it's really nice for daytime wear.

Images: lisaeldridgemakeup/Instagram; Rosie Narasaki