Is 'Total Divas' Star Rosa Mendes Single?

At the beginning of Season 3 when Rosa Mendes joined the cast of Total Divas, she quickly let viewers into her personal life. We saw her go on dates, meet people at bars, and come out as bisexual to a fellow Diva, all on camera. But Total Divas doesn't film 24/7, and it definitely doesn't air live. So what's going on in Mendes' personal life now? Is she single and ready to mingle? These are the questions that faithful viewers (like me) want to know.

At first I didn't want to watch Total Divas, but I eventually did and now I am absolutely hooked. This means that I am not totally engrossed in the lives of these female wrestlers, even though I am not even a fan of the sport. However now I am really invested in their personal relationships. With the new season in full swing as of Jan. 4, there are probably some juicy storylines kept under wraps. Still, I had to see what I could find out about the WWE Diva's love life.

Now that Mendes has been on the show for a little bit, we should expect to get to know more about her. This is especially true now that two of her close friends Paige and Alicia Fox have joined the cast. Mendes told Latina.com in early January, "That brings a totally new world to the show. We do everything together. We go on adventures together, we learn new things together, we go on trips together, and all three of us are single and looking for love. Well not really looking for love, I’m looking for love. But all three of us are single and very, very adventurous so it brings a totally new kind of thing to the show."

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So she did say she was single, but could we still see her find love this season? I'm sure Mendes is under contract to remain tight-lipped on her storylines. I guess this means that I have to tune in to Total Divas now — no need to twist my arm though.

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