10 of the Worst Book to Film Adaptions

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When we first heard that David Sedaris' essay 'C.O.G' was being made in into a film, we were excited. Unfortunately the movie, which came out last week, falls short of our expectations. The movie tells the story of David (played by Jonathan Groff), a Yalie who journeys to Oregon to go apple picking and learn about life from "real people." But unlike the David in the original essay, his movie counterpart does not have the same nuances or likability. We know nothing of his personal history, his motivations or thought process. We leave the movie not knowing much more about Groff's character than we did when it began. In the end, we are left with a distant protagonist that does not embody the charm and humor of Sedaris' essays. To revel in the sadness that comes from having your favorite work so misrepresented, we've rounded up some of the worst book to film adaptions.

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