9 Ways To Fight The Anti-Abortion Legislation Sweeping Congress This Year

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Congress is back in session, and its first order of business? Waging a war on uteruses. On the very first day of the 114th Congress, lawmakers introduced sweeping national anti-abortion legislation that would eliminate a woman's right to obtain an abortion after 20 weeks, citing medically disputed claims that by then, fetuses can feel pain. Though such legislation has previously been ruled unconstitutional, with the Supreme Court striking down Arizona's statewide ban on abortion, the political climate and the source of legislative power has shifted considerably since the midterms of November, and today, a woman's right to choose is more endangered than ever before. And that it is more important now than ever that you, as an individual, take action.

Despite the landmark 1973 decision of Roe v. Wade, which has long served as the judicial precedent for ruling such bans unconstitutional, the clout of the case has lessened with each passing decade. And as of the 40th anniversary of the decision, more than half of respondents, 53 percent, of a Pew Research survey deemed abortion "not that important compared to other issues." This number represented a disturbing and pronounced trend amongst Americans that suggests that abortion is becoming less and less of a right in need of vigilant protection. And it is perhaps this general complacency that has given lawmakers the ammunition they need to take aim once again at women's rights to their own bodies. After all, in 2009, only 48 percent of participants thought abortion was not as important as other issues, and only 32 percent felt that way in 2006.

But now, as Congress stands at the ready to bitterly fight abortion, we must start paying attention again — and more critically, we must reinvigorate the fight against anti-abortion legislation. And although the war may have begun in Washington, you can wage your own battles across the country by doing a few things that will keep abortion legal, and congressional hands off your body.

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