Toss your sassiest cold shoulder tops and sparkliest statement necklaces into a Louis Vuitton suitcase, because the Hotwives are hightailing it on out of Orlando. Season 2 = new city, y'all. Oh, crud. I jumped ahead. Let me take things back a few steps: No big deal, but Hulu original series The Hotwives of Orlando has been picked up for a second season and the new episodes will air later this year. And by "no big deal," I definitely mean "very big deal," duh. AHHHHHHHHH HOORAY I CAN'T WAIII— [Takes deep breath.] OK. This is great news, yes, but as an Orlando Hotwife would say, I need to CALM DOWN.

So, which city will the Hotwives take over next? According to Deadline, the second season of the Real Housewives parody will take place in Las Vegas. "Vegas was an obvious choice for the second season of the Hotwives franchise because it’s a city built on broken dreams, fake boobs, and real magic," said executive producer Paul Scheer. Be still my heart!

Please brace yourselves for this next nugget information, for it is rather bittersweet: Season 2 will star a brand new cast. I’m sure the fresh batch of Hotwives will be fantastic and I'll love them like I love the Season 1 cast ...but I miss Casey Wilson, Kristen Schaal, Danielle Schneider, Tymberlee Hill, Angela Kinsey, and Andrea Savage alreaaaadyyyyyy.

Hi, Tawny! Didn't see you there. What's that, Tawny? You have something to say about my missing you and the other Orlando Hotwives?

You're right. I do need to— Ah! Hi there, Shauna. What's up?

Oh, shoot. I think there's a bit of a misunderstanding. Tawny was talking to me, not you. No need to start another "calm down" argu—

Mm. OK. I acknowledge that I've lost control of the situation. I'm just going to back away slowly.

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