12 Lasagna Recipes That Are Easier Than They Look, Even For Beginners

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Lasagna is one of those amazingly delicious meals that you wish you could eat all the time, but you actually only eat on holidays once or twice a year because it takes so darn long to put together. If you're a new cook, just thinking about making lasagna can be intimidating. Even if you've been cooking for a while, it can still be annoying. I've watched my mom make lasagna for Christmas every year, and every year she... well, she kind of dreads it. The end result is worth it though!

I've learned a few tips from watching my mom complain about making lasagna. To make things easier on yourself, do as much as prep as possible. That means making your sauce the day before, and cooking the meat (or veggies) the day before. If you leave everything to the last minute when you're making your main meal, you're going to get seriously overwhelmed.

Feeling inspired? These 15 lasagna recipes may not be the easiest things you'll ever make, but they are pretty simple for lasagna. Good luck!

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