12 Lasagna Recipes That Are Easier Than They Look, Even For Beginners

Lasagna is one of those amazingly delicious meals that you wish you could eat all the time, but you actually only eat on holidays once or twice a year because it takes so darn long to put together. If you're a new cook, just thinking about making lasagna can be intimidating. Even if you've been cooking for a while, it can still be annoying. I've watched my mom make lasagna for Christmas every year, and every year she... well, she kind of dreads it. The end result is worth it though!

I've learned a few tips from watching my mom complain about making lasagna. To make things easier on yourself, do as much as prep as possible. That means making your sauce the day before, and cooking the meat (or veggies) the day before. If you leave everything to the last minute when you're making your main meal, you're going to get seriously overwhelmed.

Feeling inspired? These 15 lasagna recipes may not be the easiest things you'll ever make, but they are pretty simple for lasagna. Good luck!

Classic Lasagna

Sometimes, traditional lasagna is the best choice. This basic recipe is exactly what you need to make something simple (as simple as lasgana gets) and universally loved.

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White Vegetable Lasagna

If you’re not into tomato sauce and you want more veggies in your lasagna, go for this recipe. It’s pretty basic and uses tons of cheese, which can only be a good thing.

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Easy Skillet Lasagna

OK, so this might not be your traditional lasagna, but it takes 30 minutes to prepare and looks incredible! Plus, it’s basically the same thing. This is great for the nights you want lasagna, but don’t want to do all that work.

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Homemade Chicken Lasagna

This recipe uses no-boil noodles, which cuts out a big part of the lasagna process. It also uses chicken instead of beef, which is a nice change and a fun and easy way to put a twist on things.

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Quick Mushroom and Chard Lasagna

The nice thing about making veggie lasagna is that the veggies don’t have to be pre-cooked like meat does. This one uses no-boil noodles and is very easy to assemble. And it’s so different!

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Simple and Meaty Skillet Lasagna

Whereas the first one-pot lasagna used sausage, this one uses ground beef. This recipe takes away the time spent carefully layering your noodles, and allows you to cook up an easy lasagna dish in a skillet. Perfect for week nights!

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Eggplant and Zucchini Lasagna with Fontina

Eggplant lasagna is a timeless classic, and this one adds zucchini for even more veggie flavor. As far as lasagna goes, it’s pretty simple, and it’s a great vegetarian dish.

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Spinach Artichoke Lasagna

The author of this recipe claims this is super easy to assemble, so… I’ll take her word for it! The trick to making it even more simple? She used pre-made marinara sauce, no-boil noodles, and filled it with veggies that didn’t have to be cooked beforehand.

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30 Minute Skillet Lasagna

With the addition of fresh mozzarella and basil on top, this easy lasagna recipe stands out for me. And it only takes 30 minutes?! I mean, come on.

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Chicken, Roasted Red Pepper, and Goat Cheese Lasagna

A lot of the fancier lasagna dishes out there require a lot of work, making different sauces and all that. This one isn’t so bad, and will shake things up a bit.

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Spinach Lasagna Roll-Ups

If you want the taste of lasagna but don’t want to go all out putting it together, try this recipe. It’s the next best thing! You’re simply mixing up some ingredients, spreading them on a lasagna noodle, then rolling them up. Voila! Dinner!

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Lasagna Primavera

Make this one with no-boil noodles to make life even easier. It’s loaded with veggies and cheese, but is relatively easy to prepare. And if you use a jar of sauce, it will be even more simple.

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Springtime Veggie Skillet Lasagna

If you want to try a skillet lasagna with no meat in it, go for this one. It looks incredible, and again, you’ll love the time you’re not spending on layering your food.

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Sausage and Ricotta Lasagna

This is another lasagna that uses no-boil noodles, which speeds up the cooking a little bit. It’s very similar to traditional lasagna, but just slightly different enough to keep it from being boring.

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Lemon, Chard, and Spicy Sausage Lasagna

Sometimes, you just want to spice things up. This recipe using Swiss chard, sausage, and lemon is a perfect way to do just that.

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