About 'Breaking Bad's Vince Gilligan's New TV Show

Worried that the Breaking Bad series finale on Sunday is going to leave you in a TV drama wasteland, bereft of quality and/or potential drug stuff? Well luckily, powerhouse showrunner Vince Gilligan has teamed up with that other powerhouse showrunning David Shore — you remember that show, House, don't you? Also known as the most popular television show in the world? — to create the future most popular television show in the world, Battle Creek.

Indeed, the folks over at Deadline are reporting that Battle Creek has closed a series production order for the 2014 - 2015 season over at CBS. Sure, the whole being-on-CBS thing might read a bit sad trombone-y for many, but the pairing itself is surely worth getting excited over, especially considering it already has a 13-episode order in place.

But it won't be a true-blue tagteam, as Shore will be heading up showrunner duties while Gilligan helms the director's chair — a decision that seems sound considering the visual strength of Breaking Bad. Considering both men love those whip-smart antihero types, the two leads are practically guaranteed to be interesting ying yangs. Especially when you consider the premise: two detectives with contradicting world views must team up to clean up Battle Creek, Michigan. But which outlook will prevail: cynicism and deception or pure naïveté and trust? Oooh! You're intrigued, right? Of course you are because it's like Gregory House and Walter White are teaming up to protect the probably-not-all-that-mean streets of a small midwestern town!

I think the real question remains to be asked, though: who will be the one who knocks?