Nicki Minaj Gets Even More Personal In New Trailer

Nicki Minaj may rap about the good life now — designer labels, expensive nightclubs, exciting cities, and, of course, her famous curves. But things were not always glamorous for the rapper, as she explained in a recently released trailer for her upcoming MTV documentary, My Time Again. Minaj even revealed that she once had to resort to stealing from her restaurant job so that she would be able to put food on the table: "When I was a waitress, we had to steal bread and eat that," Minaj says to a friend in the one minute trailer for the show.

After releasing The Pinkprint, which has been widely described as a breakup album following the end of her relationship with Safaree "SB" Samuels and opening up to Rolling Stone about having an abortion when she was younger, Minaj is continuing a theme of showing a much more personal side of her life to the public eye than she ever did before. This time, she is revealing the specifics of what it really means to go through the tough times before making it big. It is worth applauding Minaj for not only opening up to her fans, but also for candidly talking about how the path to fame — and even achieving fame itself — is not always a pretty picture.

Despite the struggles, it looks like the documentary will be packed with inspiring messages that Minaj is finally ready to share with the world. "Every human needs to push themselves to the point of breaking sometimes," Minaj says in the trailer. "If you never break, then you'll never know how much pressure you can take."

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even though Minaj makes it look effortless to step onstage and put on a show in her high heels and glitzy outfits, it is refreshing to hear new songs from her that show that life offstage is not what you would see at a concert. In fact, she even describes her latest album in the trailer as an "emotional roller coaster." And while she has obviously come a long way from stealing bread at her former workplace, it is good that she has also not forgotten where she came from, either.

Her past experiences, while certainly trying at the time, have allowed her to articulate messages to her fans that go far beyond generic encouragements that simply tell people not to give up. Instead, this is a way she can be a true inspiration to fans with specific examples of how not only to survive the tough times — but also to thrive after them.

Check out the trailer for My Time Again below. It is set to premiere Jan. 18 at 10/9 p.m. Central Time.

Image: Getty Images